Scorpio and Libra: Power meets Compromise

Scorpio and Libra: Power meets Compromise

Libra by kalyani10 As the seventh sign in the Zodiac calendar, Libra includes all those born from 23rd September to 23rd October. Librans are lovers of beauty and harmony and these inevitably inform their sexual relationships as well. A Libra in love For a Libran, being in love means surrounded by the rosy, peaceful aura of romance. Not for them the dizzying emotional roller coaster of a Gemini or the intense passion of a Scorpio. When happily in love, a Libra partner is casual and easy-going and often glows with an inner satisfaction that is obvious to the world. In fact, they may continue to be in a relationship even when it is better to opt out of it because of their deep disinclination for rocking the boat, as it were. Librans get extremely stressed out by disharmony and quarrels and will often go to great lengths to take things in their stride instead of confronting ugly truths or discussing uncomfortable issues. On one hand, they may seem to want a partner who’s carefree and easy to deal with.


Libra’s Opinion I’m a bored Libra. I am writing compatibility blogs. Since I am represented by the scales, I will do my best to explain the good and bad about all the signs. I have been studying astrology for years. I will write my opinion of all the Signs of the Zodiac base on an objective viewpoint. Though this sign isn’t the rough and tough type in astrology, we can be quite seductive when we want.

Basing your dating habits on star signs may not be for everyone, but compatibility is a must and the stars do have a part to play. So, which star sign are you and what characteristics does the .

We can assure, you will enjoy this expedition as you sail across and learn about Libra women. The women born between 23rd September and 23rd October are proud Librans. Instead of blending with the rest, Libra women tend to stand out. It is probably their dynamic and distinguished characteristics that help them to do so. Wish to know more about their awesome qualities? They are beautiful Libra women are naturally said to possess an aura of beauty and elegance about them.

They are creative Generally, Libra women love to write, dance, paint, sing and indulge in such activities that involves their creativity. This is because they are blessed with a mind that is brimmed with creativity. You will find so many Libra women doing great in professions that make use of their creativity. They love dressing up In spite of being naturally beautiful, Libra women still love to dress themselves up and look even better.

They are also blessed with a great dressing sense that is also unique and different from the rest. They make their own trends and carry it off so well, that others feel like following them.

Cancer and Libra Love Compatibility

Daily Karmic Number When two Libras come together in a love affair, they form one of the most agreeable, romantic and well-balanced relationships around. Harmony and aesthetics are of utmost importance to Libra; two Libras together bring their magically balanced and beautiful touch to everything they do together.

Libra is the Sign of Partnership; Libra loves to be in love, and two together spells relationship bliss. Libra wants everyone to love them — sometimes to a fault.

Dating Libra. Dating Libra zodiac sign exposes you to a world of grace and idealism. They are attractive, charming and enchanting. They are into classy and romantic displays. Therefore for the first date, an elegant or posh environment should do the trick.

Yearly Horoscope – all Zodiac Signs Horoscope Libra will be a wonderfully lucky year in love and sex for Libra with Jupiter residing in their 1st house until October 11th, when it moves into the house of money. Jupiter will assure that Libra will feel cheerful, self confident, and optimistic during this time, making Libra a magnet for romance. All relationships will seem easier for Libra now, as if nothing or nobody could cause problems. Problems with gaining weight can cause Libra some anxious moments, and there can be an overindulgence in sex, food, alcohol, or recreational drugs.

Practicing restraint will avoid health problems for Libra down the road. Neptune transiting the solar 6th house of Libra can indicate health issues caused by too much drinking and drug abuse. A word of caution for dear Libra concerns the period of March 4th and April 26th when Venus goes into Retrograde. To realize a large degree of success, this is the time to start that diet and be frugal with money and personal resources as well.

Top 8 Traits Of A Libra Woman

Libra is the sign of balance and balanced judgment, beauty, art, charm, and the social graces. This is why it needs a partner, someone to get things started. Any planet placed in Libra will demonstrate that sense of balance, swinging from one side to another.

Create Your Report What are the pros and cons of dating the 12 Zodiac Signs? Get the must-have facts on dating a man or woman born under any Star Sign!

More often than not, they are. She covets a loving fulfilling marriage and will dedicate time and effort to make a relationship last the distance. The person to share her future will be treated with fairness, always. The Libra woman is warm and wise, and never quick to judge. The decisions she makes will be carefully considered, especially those concerning matters of the heart. How to date a Libra woman Remind the Libra woman of her beauty and keep the compliments coming.

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sex with a libra – the bare facts! Libra’s interest in sex usually starts early. Because relationships are of such major significance to those born under this sign, many Librans find themselves a boyfriend or girlfriend at an early age.

Libras love excitement, new situations, adventure and the unusual. There are 80 facts about libra, that help you more understand about them! Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, wiki. Libra hate texting first, it makes them feel like they are annoying. Libra often alternate between being totally busy to just wanting to sleep all day. Libra are always full of surprises. Libra keep their heels, head, and standards high but middle finger even higher.

Libra are inclined to distance themselves from…their emotions. As Libra when in a bad mood you come across as aggressive. Always being able to see both sides of a story but unable to pick a side themselves.

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Libra Woman and Libra Man When a Libra woman dates a Libra man there can be nothing else but romance, balance and peace in the relationship. It’s a winning love match all around! The Libra woman will enjoy discussing everything under the sun with her Libra man.

A person’s astrological sign can say a lot about who they are and how they will act in a relationship. As we prepare to say happy birthday to Libras, here are 9 interesting facts to know about the Libra .

And as their minority status might suggest, their way of life is bound to run counter to the social norms of the majority. There are many studies out there that have tested various aspects of MBTI personality types. Here are 25 INTP statistics you might find interesting. Tunisia has the highest 3. INTPs are therefore the 3rd most argumentative type.

A study tracked how long the people of each type had maintained a business relationship with an automobile dealership. By comparison, the average customer relationship lasted only 5.

Lovely things about dating each sign

Learn about Carter Reynolds: What astrology says for Gemini Personality Traits. Facts about dating a gemini The Gemini Personality. Scorpio October 23 facts about dating a gemini November The way he treats me now ddnt changed, he is still doing the things that usually he facts about dating a gemini which makes me fall for him to the deepest. His typical personality traits include friendliness, love for people and getting along with almost everyone.

yeah, libra man/scorp woman is actually a pretty good match from what i’ve seen. as long as the libra man is really the one the scorpio wants. libra female/scorpio man is the combo that’s best to be avoided. scorpio women are intense, but also independent. scorpio men are possessive and insane. lol.

Part of Body Ruled: If you were born on a cusp and are uncertain about your Sun sign, send an email to reports cafeastrology. In love, Libras seek equilibrium, the perfect lover who will shower her with paper hearts and fresh flowers. She takes pleasure in being loved, and will be utterly devoted to her chosen one. Although Libras may seem cool, calm and collected, they can be very playful and romantic when they relax.

Libran women do not play games when they fall in love. They are scrupulously impartial and sometimes painfully honest.

Libra Women Traits

One can easily lose sight of the ultimate when the appearance outshines everything else. It is at times like these that one wishes that if something meatier about the dating partner could be known, the chances of the outings, and relationship, might turn out all for the better. It is at times like these that what is previously known but has somehow lost into the fog, makes itself visible again, courtesy — zodiac signs.

Libra’s season comes after the harvest, when it’s all about enjoying the fruits of the labor. As a Libra teen, you know how to chill and indulge yourself with treats. Libra is known for having a sweet tooth and a love of all things beautiful and finely made.

Imelda The whole idea of Libra and marriage can seem downright amusing. After all, next to Virgos, Libras is probably one of the signs of the horoscope that find it difficult to commit to anything. The Virgo can be stuck in analysis paralysis too. Keep in mind that this is a different form of analysis paralysis. The Virgo analysis paralysis often involves the interplay between their real world and their dream or ideal world. They hang on to this ideal perfect world so that they let it basically poison their relationships.

Worst of all, they let it impact all other aspects of their lives. Virgo people can be very effective people. They can do the job well. What would enable you to make a right decision is when you have enough trust and faith in your ability to make a right decision so that you can make a move. This gives rise to the common misperception that Libra men cannot commit. The good news is this is not true………….

How To Date A Libra Man

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